NT Wright Interview: Being a Christian during Coronavirus

I like this 30+ minute interview because he is quarantined and wants to remain so for his wife’s sake. He talks about the changes that they have made in visiting with their grandchildren. There is a long section in which he talks about God and suffering. Where is God in the middle of all this? Subsequently he talks about how Christians have made their faith known in the midst of plagues in the past. How do we make practical efforts to comfort those who are gripped with fear and despair? He also speaks briefly about how it is that we can be the Church, not only for ourselves at the local parish level, but being the Church with our Christian brothers and sisters that are suffering so terribly in Italy and Iran. Finally, the Bishop prays. If you don’t watch the whole thing (which you should) go to the end for the prayer.

God bless you, Fr. Morse

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