Trinity 19 – Voices from the Future – Fr. John

In today’s Gospel lesson Jesus healed a paralyzed man who was let down through holeinroofa rooftop.  He was sharply criticized because in doing so he pronounced the man’s sins forgiven.  Such words were loaded with meaning.  In this homily offered on Trinity 19, 2015, Fr. John explains how the Jews understood that forgiveness of sins was a signal blessing of the Messiah, but how they did not believe that such a thing was possible apart from the restoration of the temple and the observance of Torah.  In other words, the Messiah, they thought,  would respect their power structures.  Jesus did neither, but rather announced forgiveness autonomously.  He thus declared himself to be the Messiah, who brought the long-awaited future blessings into the present.  His was a voice from the future with a message of “Be of good cheer! Your sins are forgiven.”

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